Words are magic

They are.

Think about it.

They make businesses and industries. They form alliances and relationships. They inspire wars and help people get out of war. Effort would be futile without words to instruct and to guide and to orient. Every word has a whole range of meanings and associations.

There was this philosopher and Franciscan Friar–a smart, holy guy–named Roger Bacon. He held that there were three substances capable of magic: the herbal, the mineral, and the verbal. The verbal is the only one that purely human. Our words are our magic.

They can also get you into college.

I like to help students discover their own stories, and to activate the magic of the verbal in their lives. I love to help students discover (not write–discover) their personal statement, because yes, it helps them get in to college. But it also helps them define their values, own their history, and find their white star–that thing that is more than a goal, it’s one’s bliss.

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